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The Perks of being a Sunflower – II

Thanks so much for enjoying this and giving me feedback. So, to hold up my end of the bargain, this is the sequel I promised. 😊😊😊

Unfortunately, this is really the end, but do let me know how you liked or did not like it.

Samuel got home early on Saturday night full of smiles. His smile urged Aseye to enquire, and now, he regrets that she did. Samuel, all giddy with excitement gives her the “big good news.”

“Babe, this is great,” he took her hands in his. “I finally got a feedback on the building I want to use for my gallery.”

“That’s awesome!” she hugged him. Sam has been trying to get this building for his gallery for almost a year so it’s refreshing that they’ve finally respon –

“That’s not all,” he interrupted her thoughts with a smile.

“Pray tell, the suspense is deadening”

“The partner I was pitching for also called. He’s on board for the gallery, baby!” Sam smiled a satisfied smile. “Nothing could go wrong now.”

“Baby, this is fantastic!” she gave him a kiss and walked to the kitchen. He watched her intently as she came back with a bottle of red wine and two glasses. “I needed an excuse to celebrate you,” she said with a small laugh.

He was still staring at her. He still couldn’t believe he actually landed this beau. He was living the life. Sure, there have been not-so-good moments but he would do this over and over again with her.

“I’m all yours to spoil,” he finally said with a broad smile.

Sam couldn’t hold his joy. He was basking in so much happiness. He got the girl of his dreams, his career was on a great sail, and he was about to be a co-owner in a photography gallery. What more could he ask for? Nothing! He just wanted things to be steady like this. No change needed. He kept going on and on about the gallery and décor, and oh, he was a lovely sight.

“I’m really happy for you. This has always been your dream.”

She poured him a glass of wine and sat beside him on the couch. She really was proud of what he had been able to achieve.

“When do I get to see the place?” she quipped amidst her sip

“Not now, love”

“Oh, why not?”

“Well,” he put the glass down and took her hands in his again, “I’d like for us the opportunity to tour Lagos.”

“What?” she asked in genuine surprise.

“I know, I know, it’s a bit crazy but…”

“Damn right it is!” Aseye blurted out.

Sam sat fixatedly on the couch, shocked. What could be the issue here? This was a good opportunity for them and there was no way he’d let it slide.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” he asked quietly.

“Well, for one thing, I didn’t know you were moving back to Lagos.”

What?! He? Not them?? WOW!

These words hung in the air till he finally found his voice.

“We,” he said as he took her right hand into his sweaty palms. “I wanted to surprise you for a change. I’ve got a friend at Providus Commercial Bank, who has assured me that you can get a job with an even better pay. So, I was thinking that if you put in your resignation this month, we could leave for Lagos next month, just in time for the grand announcement of the gallery.”

“Wow, you have it all figured out, huh?”

“Here comes the icing on the cake. Your office will be right across the street from the gallery. This is so exciting!”


After what seemed like eternity (forever), she finally spoke. “You seem to have planned everything…”

“Yes, darling!” he interrupted her excitedly.

“…without my consent,” Aseye added solemnly.

He stared at her with his jaws opened. Was this some kinda joke? He demanded. Without her consent? How is that even an issue? Of course he thought she would like to go. She loved travelling and had always wanted to see “the country of his birth,” so can’t she live there?

Of course she would love to visit Nigeria or even live there but it had to be her decision. Not because she was being compelled to. Or because her boyfriend expected her to pack bag and baggage and go with him.

“Compelled to? Is that really how you feel?” Sam asked wearily. What’s wrong with her moving to another country with me?

He was hurt by her utterances and she knew it, but it couldn’t be helped. Although she attempted at an apology, she couldn’t get through to him. She watched walk to the bedroom and shut the door. Whew! It would take some time for him to forgive her.

After sitting in the living room for about an hour, she went to the bedroom to bid him goodbye but he was asleep. At least that’s what it looked like.

He listened with pain as she locked the door and left. Even then, he knew their relationship had come to an end.

After, they scarcely communicated or hanged out. She hardly came over too. Thus, after a month of waiting for things to miraculously work out, he moved to Lagos. He didn’t even call to tell her. His excuse, he didn’t want to interrupt her conference at Kumasi. Later that evening, he called her from his new apartment. They talked for a while and she promised to visit but those were just words. They never apologized for the mean things they said to each other in a heated argument.

A week went by without any a word from each other. Sam called Aseye but she didn’t pick up. The following day, she sent him a text with the excuse that she was busy with work and would call him that evening.

Anyway, that was the last time they were in touch.

Asiedua Yeboah © 2017


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