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The Perks of being a Sunflower 

IMG_20170808_193534_050 Hey loves, guess who’s in a sharing mood today!! So, this is an excerpt from a bigger story I’m working on, probably a much better picture. This is a possible excerpt from chapter six of this “big story”. Enjoy and give feedback so that I may or may not post more.

I want to thank my 6’4 crush for being my go to editor. You’re a life saver! Literally. Thank yooouuuuuu😙😙

I met Aseye during the long vacation before her final year. She was so full of life, laughed a lot, and just had this bubbly sense of humor that made everything seem perfect. Erm, she was like a sunflower – emanating feelings of adoration and admiration, seeking out positivity and strength, nourishing itself and others, and brightening moods.

She had come with her model friend to the set of a photo shoot for which I was the photographer. It was Akataasia Clothing, a popular brand in these parts.

She wore her hair short and natural, and would have fit perfectly into the shoot, considering our theme. She was very outspoken and spoke her mind freely. It was so refreshing to watch her talk, especially in these days of ass-kissing and bootlicking (excuse my language). Well, it so happened that the other model we were supposed to shoot with failed to turn up so we had to literally beg Aseye to fill in for her. We had originally planned to take single shots of the models for the shoot but after seeing the chemistry on the set between the two girls, which obviously stemmed from their friendship, we abandoned our initial plan and made it a ‘besties’ shoot. It was amazing, fun, interesting, and really fun. The girls went crazy and I still think it’s one of my best works because they were so carefree. Anyway, let me not digress.

Aseye was so breathtaking and carefree during the shoot. She laughed so much and was a complete natural. I thus, started wondering why she was not into modelling herself. Hell, she could be a beauty queen. When I asked her, she gave the most unexpected response there could ever be, “I’m a rare gem, and I’d like to remain so.” I liked her instantly. Granted, I was already crushing on her, but now I liked her even more.

After the shoot, I offered to give them a ride home. Betty, her friend would have obliged, but Aseye insisted they picked a taxi, saying something about being allergic to strangers driving her. The irony of it was enough to make me fall in love with her. She was different from any other girl I had ever met. And believe you me, I had seen a whole lot of girls, especially because of my profession. I asked Betty to give me their Facebook names so that I tag them in the photos.

After a couple of weeks, I finally sent Aseye a friend request. Funny enough, I kept going back to my laptop to see if she had accepted my friend request. After 7 whole days of waiting, I received a Facebook message from her.

“I hardly come to Facebook. Contact me on this number. Thanks for the pics. Smiley”

I stared at the laptop screen for a couple of minutes obviously stunned. The good way though. I actually thought she would give me another hell before giving out her contact. I was beginning to think she was a snob, but I was already hooked so not much help. To me, she was the kind of girl who could take your breath away. The girl all the guys wanted but couldn’t have, she wouldn’t let them have her. The girl that even if you had, you would be scared she might leave you. She had this charisma, grace, beauty, and confidence to go with it too. And now, I had this girl’s contact.

I hurriedly stored her contact on my BB10, skeptical that it might somehow disappear from my screen. I contemplated on giving her a call but eventually decided against it and sent her a smiley on Facebook.


Sam is editing some pictures and is surfing the internet. Somehow, he finds himself on her Facebook page. Again. As he’s shutting the laptop close, he notices the derogatory comment. He stares at the comment for a few minutes and curses. He wants to punch the motherfucker in the groins. Clearly, he had no idea who he was dealing with. A couple of months ago, Aseye opened a feminist page on Facebook, and being the outspoken person she is, she sometimes get very blunt.

“If only I were in Ghana” he hissed and walked to the kitchen.

He wanted to console her and listen to her talk and also watch her intently as she brushes the derogatory comment off as “a show of true emotions.” He wanted to have deep conversations about religion, and tradition, and about diseases they have no knowledge of. He wanted to hear all about her customer complaints and the stories she formed in her head about them. He wanted to take countless number of pictures of her – he made her a picture freak. That’s one achievement he did not take lightly.

Sometimes he misses her so much but he knows he cannot contact her. He misses her every single day – her carefree life and easygoing nature. She was his muse, his motivation, his joy, and now she’s gone.


Asiedua Yeboah © 2017


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