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Sucking up to the world : Aspirations of an African

There is a reward for the quiet African who believes in the free world, and the equal opportunities proffered to us by our “WHITE” counterparts. The quiet African? Oh yes! I’m referring to those who ignore, whether deliberately or not, the inequality between Africa and the rest of the world. One of such rewards, is the eventual marriage to a Whiteman or woman (white person?)


I have this one friend who since we became friends has never stopped talking about the Whiteman she would eventually marry. The white kids (biracial babies) they’ll make together. She has turned down potential suitors, who are Black, all in wait for her white suitor. I think it’s cute. There’s nothing wrong with this. At all! It’s actually brilliant because it’s only romance and friendship, rather than treaties that will ensure that African countries are treated better by developed countries (let’s simply refer to them as “the West”)
What better treatment, you ask? Better terms of trade? Better loan conditions? Respect in general because they view us to be equal to them? But I digress…
Now, to why I put up this post. Do you ever notice how we (well, most people) practically worship white people? And I’m not talking about hospitality. I’m talking about viewing white people as better than our own black people. Even black Americans are better appreciated than our local Ghanaians. We tend to be more attentive to them because of their accent or in most cases, their skin color – light-skinned or white. Have you seen how waitresses and shop attendants are overly nice to expats? Regardless of the fact that they hardly buy (especially at fairs).
At the International Students Hostel (ISH) of the University of Ghana, smoking is prohibited. However, this does not prevent residents of all racial backgrounds from smoking in front of the hall. Porters under the guise of African restriction report Nigerians for smoking, leading to the eventual expulsion of such persons from the hostel. Mind you, this is still a very touchy topic for me. Lol. What happened to the non-Africans? NOTHING! And that’s all I’m willing to say on the matter.
Back to my friend and her search for a white suitor to have gorgeous biracial kids with. Shallow, you say? Try being a black person in Africa. Try competing with whites or biracials and watch them take all the rewards because of their skin colour.
This post is not about racism. It is about the majority of people sucking up to the idea of marrying white men so that their kids, hopefully light-skinned or white, will be acceptable wherever they go.
But why, really? Is it our fault that it has come to this? Is this the only solution? Do we still think the Whiteman is better in every way than the Blackman? Or could this be yet another effect of neocolonialism?
Have a different suggestion? Please post away.

Asiedua Yeboah © 2017


16 thoughts on “Sucking up to the world : Aspirations of an African

  1. Miss Asiedua
    Very interesting submission and even more interesting perspective
    It’s very well presented as well
    A good read.
    I surmise;
    The aftershocks of colonialism and African slavery ( assuming both are long over, I wouldn’t hold my breath though.lol ) is still alive and well
    ( thus if its remnants of both cognitive and affective slavery is deemed dead)
    The concept of white supremacy, its tools and its propaganda have remained.
    “Members of a numerical minority cannot subjugate the all the members of a numerical majority without participation of of the members of the numerical majority”.

    * my two cents*

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  2. I wouldn’t say it’s the only solution, but other solutions may not see success in our lifetime. Not saying that they won’t be successful, just that it will take a long time before they reach that stage. When people begin to see others for their personalities and their characteristics, and not their skin color, we will start moving in the right direction.

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  3. I just think the black man has refused to grow in certain sectors and thus making the whiteman so ahead that there is sometimes no choice given to people who even really want to see equality. I personally think we just need to develop ourselves if we want equality

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    1. I agree with you. I can’t always wait for someone to develop our country or dare I say, our continent. But how do we get the development we so much yearn for when most of our highly educated human resources travel to the West for “greener pastures”?


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